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Living Single: 4x17

Playing House

Kyle and Max lie about out-of-town trips and sneak off to a hotel for the weekend. They insist, however, that they are not getting back together. Although their claim that there will be no romance involved in the weekend is obviously a crock, Kyle and Max eventually get into one too many arguments and head their separate ways–but not before setting up another rendezvous. After realizing that Max’s and Kyle’s alibis are shaky, Regine becomes determined to prove that they are together. It is Khadijah who is able to track them down and warn Max. She suggests that Max actually cares about Kyle, but her friend won’t admit to this. Meanwhile, Overton and Synclaire take advantage of Kyle’s absence to set up housekeeping in the apartment. They briefly worry that their constant fighting might be a sign that they aren’t ready to get married, but conclude that disagreements occur in all relationships. Tag: Detective Regine cannot quite crack the case. Music: “”Reasons”” by Earth, Wind & Fire

Living Single: 4×17
Mar. 06, 1997