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Living Single: 5x2

Love Don't Live Here Anymore (2)

Overton and Synclaire begin bickering about their predicament. They realize that much of their fear is the result of their anxiety about marriage, and vow to work together to overcome their doubts. A helicopter finally rescues the couple. The cruise director tries to force them to foot the bill, but Synclaire tells her off. Tripp quickly wins the affection of Khadijah and Max, but can’t seem to do right by Regine. She attempts to break up his football-viewing party, but changes her tune when R&B singer Montell Jordan arrives. Although Khadijah warns that they are making a mistake, Kyle and Max refuse to re-consider their positions about his move to London. Khadijah drives Kyle to the airport, where they sadly say their good-byes. Max arrives at the last moment, and she and Kyle challenge one another to back down. As Kyle heads toward the gate, Max forlornly asks him for one last kiss. After a passionate kiss, Kyle departs, leaving a tearful Khadijah and Max to console one another. At t

Living Single: 5×2
Sep. 18, 1997