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A Different World: 4x14

Risk Around the Dollar

Whitley has to cut into the tuition check from her father to cover her share of the rent. She looks for a job, but turns down every offer. She is especially repulsed by the possibility of working at a mortuary with Kim. Whitley helps Ron organize a party (with cover charge) at a local warehouse. The event is a huge success, but the fire marshal shuts it down and fines Ron and Whitley for exceeding capacity. Although Dwayne sells his computer to pay the tuition, Jaleesa warns Whitley that he may eventually get tired of bailing her out. Whitley hocks some jewelry, takes the mortuary job, and repurchases Dwayne’s computer. Terrence returns from a weekend trip to Washington, D.C. and proclaims himself a Muslim. His father isn’t sure that he has given his decision enough thought, and doubts that Terrence can maintain a commitment to the religion.

Feb. 07, 1991