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A Different World: 4x4

Whitley's Last Supper

Whitley’s father comes to town and takes her to dinner. He announces that he is fed up with her exorbitant spending habits and takes away her credit cards. He will now only cover her tuition and basic living expenses. Whitley begs Jaleesa to let her continue living in her apartment, although she cannot quite cover her share of the rent and utilities. Whitley bemoans her plight and claims that everyone has abandoned her. Kinu catches Dwayne trying to console her. Freddie believes that Kim is studying too hard for the practice medical school boards. She tricks Kim into taking a break and coming to Ron’s frat party. Kim plays a practical joke on Freddie; she pretends that she bombed the test because of exhaustion, then reveals that she actually scored 88 out of 90.

Oct. 11, 1990