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Braxton Family Values: 1x5

From Russia with Love

Toni meets with Vince to discuss her upcoming gig in Russia, and the state of her career. She wants to do a Vegas show, but she’s concerned no one will hire her because of her Lupus. Vince reassures her. Traci is upset when she learns that she can’t go to Russia due to a visa issue. As rehearsal goes poorly, as Trina doesn’t know her moves, and Tamar calls to say she can’t go to Russia either. Toni asks Towanda to fill in, and she agrees. Trina goes to counseling with Gabe, who apologizes for his infidelities. Towanda shops for a wardrobe for Toni, who is hard to please, then rehearses with Trina. Sure enough, Toni isn’t happy with her choices, and Towanda is upset that Toni shopped on her own and didn’t tell her. Trina and Towanda pack and say goodbye their husbands and kids. Towanda’s not sorry to leave Andre, but she struggles not to cry when she says goodbye to her kids. When they arrive in Russia, they learn that some of their luggage has been lost. Luckily, Toni is able to borrow a dress for a TV appearance. Later, Trina and Towanda go to dinner while Toni relaxes. Trina breaks a tooth during the meal. The next day, Towanda and Trina shop and drink Vodka with pickles. Toni worries about the luggage, and Towanda feels Toni is blaming her. They visit a boutique, and Toni finds a dress to wear at her concert. In their dressing rooms, Towanda grows nervous about performing, and Trina realizes she left her makeup kit at the hotel. Toni’s fears that the audience won’t like her performance seem to be coming true during her first song, as they are quiet. But they applaud at the end; that’s how Russian audiences behave. Toni invites an audience member onstage to dance, and he gets a little too grabby. At dinner, Trina has too much to drink as usual. And when Towanda goes to her room in the morning, she realizes Trina had continued to party in her room, and is grossed out when Trina shows Towanda her broken tooth. Back home, Towanda is joyfully reunited with her kids.

Braxton Family Values: 1×5
May. 10, 2011