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Braxton Family Values: 1x6

Getting the Band Back Together

Vince meets with Toni’s sisters and proposes doing a family album. He’s not sure if Toni will be involved or not. Tamar is the only one who has reservations, since she wants to do her own album, and won’t do it without Toni. Towanda and Andre argue as they move into Toni’s house. Toni is privately concerned that they will be too messy. Trina exercises with Gabe, who tells her he’s thinking about buying a house. She wants to talk to their therapist, Dr. Sherry, before making a decision. Towanda and Traci tell Evelyn about the album possibility. Towanda is concerned about creating chaos living in Toni’s house. Trina has dinner with Gabe. She is touched that he wants to show her the house he’s considering buying for them. Tamar, Traci, and Trina discuss the upcoming studio recording session. There is tension as to whether or not Toni will do the album. Towanda is being driven crazy by her kids, Toni’s kids, and Andre. Vince talks to Toni about recording with Harvey then brings up album with sisters. Toni says she doesn’t want to do a family album. Trina tells her sisters she is going to move to new house with Gabe. They are against it. Towanda has a heated discussion with Andre about him not being a provider and being a slob in Toni’s house. The sisters go to the studio to record a song and ambush Toni about the family album. Gabe shows Trina the house, and she says she’ll move in with him. Towanda tells Toni she needs to find an assistant to replace her. Vince tries to convince Toni to do the album.

Braxton Family Values: 1×6
May. 17, 2011