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Braxton Family Values: 1x9

You Can’t Go Home Again

Trina visits Dr. Sherry for some guidance about her marriage and her alcoholism. She asks Trina to give up alcohol for 90 days. Over brunch, Tamar brings up the idea of flying to Maryland to visit Traci and their brother Michael, and seeing their father. She thinks it will heal all the family’s wounds. Everyone has mixed feelings especially Toni who does not want to go, but changes her mind when Evelyn says it’s what’s best for her daughters. Gabe takes Trina out to dinner before the trip. Trina cannot resist a glass of wine. Gabe warns her she must complete her community service for her DUI. The sisters wait for Toni to arrive so they can leave for their trip to Maryland. On the plane, the girls have a group prayer. In Maryland, the girls show up at Traci’s house and decide to go visit their old childhood home. Per Towanda’s encouragement, they sing songs on the front step, which causes Tamar and Evelyn to break down in tears. The happiness is broken when the rude new owners of the house show up, kick the girls off the property and call the police on the girls for trespassing. The girls meet with their brother, Michael, over dinner. He agrees to invite their dad to brunch tomorrow. The girls and Evelyn visit the church where she was married to their father. Evelyn reminisces fondly about the wedding. The family goes to meet their father for brunch. When it becomes clear he isn’t going to attend, they all debate as to why he didn’t show. Tamar in particular gets very upset. On the flight back to Atlanta, Tamar, Trina, and Toni all shed tears. They all are heartbroken their father has let them down again. Towanda must stay strong and console them. Upon arriving back in Atlanta, Trina completes her food service work for her DUI.

Braxton Family Values: 1×9
Jun. 07, 2011