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Braxton Family Values: 2x10

Sisters at War

Over lunch, Toni tells her sisters that she’s being inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Toni asks her sisters to sing at the ceremony as a tribute to her. They are flattered and agree to do it, but worry they’ll have trouble working together without fighting. At rehearsal, Tamar takes over, and when Towanda leaves to take a call, Tamar proceeds to criticize Traci, who stops working. Tamar, feeling unappreciated, starts to leave but finds Towanda on the phone, and their fight escalates further. Tamar storms out and Trina follows to make peace, but then Traci shows up and blows up at both of them. Later, Trina calls Tamar, who is threatening to leave town, and convinces her to stay and give it another chance. Over lunch, Towanda tells Toni what happened at rehearsal but Toni’s unconcerned because the girls always manage to pull things together. Meanwhile, Evelyn reminds Traci and Tamar that the tribute’s about Toni, not them. Cousin Jay mistakenly brings Michael Sr. from the airport to Evelyn’s, instead of Trina’s. The girls can’t seem to get their act together to sing so they decide to write speeches to honor Toni instead. As Trina and Towanda write, they fill their Dad in, and he’s proud the girls want to make it a nice day for Toni. Pre-ceremony, Towanda gets a call from the producers saying they can’t give speeches, they can only sing. Unprepared to sing, the girls feel awful that they won’t be doing anything, and don’t tell Toni. Meanwhile, Toni does the red carpet and is eager to see her sisters’ performance. But right before her induction, Toni’s confused, because she sees the sisters still sitting in the audience. Afterward, Toni’s hurt that none of her sisters went backstage to congratulate her. The sisters all go to see Dr. Sherry. Toni says she feels let down by her sisters and an argument ensues. Dr. Sherry suggests they change their behavior if they want to improve their situation.

Jan. 19, 2012