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Braxton Family Values: 2x7

Family Feuding

Trina and Gabe agree it’s time for Towanda and Andre to move out of their house, but disagree on how and when to tell her. With Evelyn on a break from seeing Doc, Towanda informs her mother that she’s fixing her up on a blind date. Evelyn reluctantly agrees to go. Meanwhile, Tamar suggests that Traci learn the beauty biz from top Beverly Hills salon owner Giuseppe Franco. At lunch, Evelyn is shocked when she meets her date and finds out he’s only 27. After five minutes of conversation, Evelyn leaves, embarrassed and annoyed. The next day, Evelyn complains to her daughters about the set up and swears off blind dates. At his salon, Giuseppe offers Traci an apprenticeship. Tamar tells Traci to take it. That night over dinner, Trina admits to her sisters that having Towanda and Andre living with her and Gabe is a strain on their marriage. The girls suggest Trina tell Towanda it’s time to move out. Trina breaks down and cries but is grateful her sisters are behind her. While costume shopping for Towanda’s birthday party, Gabe suggests they throw a hint to Towanda at the party about moving out, but Trina says it’s not the time. Meanwhile, Giuseppe teaches Traci how to shampoo, greet customers with coffee and sweep. All things a novice could do. Traci thinks it’s a waste of time. She doesn’t want Tamar’s help. Over a drinking game, Towanda suggests Traci speak up and voice her opinion. So Traci tells Tamar she feels that Tamar’s always attacking her. Tamar gets defensive. Traci tries to take the fight “outside,” but Tamar won’t budge. The next day, Tamar invites Traci to go to counseling with her. At Towanda’s birthday dinner, everyone dresses as their favorite celebrity and it’s a blast – until Towanda opens a card from Gabe with a gift certificate from a moving company inside, upsetting Towanda and Trina. Finally at therapy, Tamar and Traci talk out issues from the past and resolve to try to get along.

Dec. 29, 2011