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Braxton Family Values: 2x9

Like Husband, Like Wife

Tamar gathers the girls to ask if they want to record a song without Toni. Traci says she’s been down this road before and isn’t ready to give up her cosmetology career to pursue the family album. Towanda assures her they’ll still be able to pursue their own passions. Evelyn suggests to Traci a surprise replacement for Toni: herself. Traci is speechless. Meanwhile, Trina tells Tamar and Towanda she recently had an “oral transaction” with a band member and is thinking of telling Gabe, which her sisters advise against. When Traci finds out, she warns Trina not to tell Gabe, and the sisters discuss the “transaction” in detail. Toni agrees Trina shouldn’t tell Gabe and expresses concern about how he will react. At dinner with Evelyn, Tamar slips in a joke about Gabe’s cheating, after which Trina boldly owns up to her indiscretion. Toni calls Tamar a mean girl for picking on others’ marriages, Tamar gets defensive and the fight escalates to a huge blowout. Afterwards, Evelyn gathers the girls because she’s angry about their behavior. Tamar complains she’s the only one who has to watch what she says, but everyone else sides with Toni, including Evelyn. Evelyn stresses the importance of family, but when Tamar asks Toni for an apology and doesn’t get it, Tamar walks out. Trina apologizes to Evelyn, who tells her not to drink any more wine because she’s acting like a fool. Evelyn meets with Towanda and fills her in on the fight before changing the conversation to ask if she can sing on the family album. Towanda is noncommittal. At therapy with Gabe, Trina admits her indiscretion and Gabe feels betrayed. Dr. Sherry suggests they figure out what they want to do in their marriage. Over dinner, Evelyn confronts Tamar about being disrespectful and announces she wants to sing on the family album. Tamar thinks it’s a terrible idea but says she can sing one song, maybe.

Jan. 12, 2012