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Braxton Family Values: 2x8

NYC or Bust

Tamar tells her sisters how stressed she is about their upcoming gig in New York City. They haven’t sung together in a while and have little time to prepare. Terrence, the girls’ vocal coach, runs scales with the girls until Tamar interrupts, saying they don’t have time for Traci being unprepared. Terrence suggests they remove all the bad energy which offends Tamar. Next, the girls rehearse with a choreographer, Michael, and once again Tamar criticizes Traci. In the midst of practice, Towanda announces she’s leaving at midnight to be home for her son’s first day of school. Tamar flips out and a heated argument ensues. Michael and Trina try to intervene, but Tamar walks out. Towanda changes her schedule so that she can stay for one more rehearsal the next day. Tamar is still angry from the night before, and storms out yet again. Trina follows her while calling Vince, who convinces Tamar to go back inside. Towanda apologizes to Tamar, the girls hug it out, and continue working. Terrence visits Toni and fills her in on all the bickering. Toni shares that her sisters fight instead of follow their talent, which is why she won’t do a group album. Toni says she mothered Tamar in the past but won’t take blame for her personality now. Meanwhile, Evelyn has dinner with Doc, who reveals he’d like to take things to the next level. Evelyn is intrigued. At Terrence’s next session, Towanda isn’t there, Trina’s losing her voice and Tamar doesn’t know the moves – until Traci straightens her out while enjoying the payback. The girls arrive in New York. Towanda tells them about her son’s first day of school, and Tamar is still worried that they’re not ready. On the day of the show, Tamar complains about the wardrobe, but Vince doesn’t want to hear it. In the end, the sisters put on a great performance. Back in LA, the girls report to Evelyn that they pulled it together. Evelyn suggests they do a family album but the sisters agree they have too many issues for that right now.

Jan. 05, 2012