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Braxton Family Values: 2x16


All the sisters go shopping for Evelyn’s wedding dress in Atlanta. They all have opinions but are frustrated because Evelyn is being indecisive. Toni returns to L.A. while everyone else visits the Botanical Gardens as a possible wedding venue. They discuss music, but Evelyn’s not sure what she wants. The girls ask how many guests to invite, and she’s uncertain about that too. At lunch, Towanda asks what Evelyn would like for the bachelorette party. Evelyn firmly says no strippers. When the girls ask if Daddy’s invited, Evelyn again says no. Meanwhile in L.A., Toni and Keri, her ex-husband, go into the studio to work on a new song. Excited, Toni plays around on the keys to find the right sound for her lyrics. In NYC, Tamar and Vince are ready to go home but worry about Vince flying, since he’s still recouping. Tamar suggests Vince work fewer hours once home, but he’s ready to dive back into his job. Meanwhile, Towanda takes Trina and Traci to audition strippers for the bachelorette party (against Mommy’s wishes) and get more than they bargained for. Back in NYC, Vince tells Tamar he wants a dog. Tamar’s not into it but realizes it’ll make him happy, so she agrees. Meanwhile, Daddy’s in Atlanta for work, so the girls go out for dinner with him and reveal that Evelyn’s getting married. They joke around, but he admits he’ll always have a soft spot for her. The next day the girls go to Evelyn’s to discuss the wedding when the phone rings. It’s Daddy calling to congratulate Evelyn. Evelyn is polite, but after hanging up reprimands the girls for telling him. Back in L.A., Toni’s ready to record. After admitting she can be difficult in the studio, she lashes out at Keri because he sped up the music without telling her. Later, Toni hears the song and is pleased. Evelyn finds out that her daughters auditioned a stripper and is insulted, and also concerned that she can’t trust their judgment. Vince and Tamar go to a pet shop where Vince falls for an adorable black puppy.

Mar. 01, 2012