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Braxton Family Values: 2x15

Soul-O Act

The family gathers to be with Tamar, who’s stressed about Vince’s recovery. Evelyn asks what’s going on with the Soul Train Awards and Tamar reveals she was asked to sing a Gladys Knight song. Her sisters are surprised. Trina, Towanda and Traci are going to present with Tamar, but they had no idea Tamar was also asked to sing. Tamar says this happened before Vince got sick. To prepare, Tamar meets with Jan Smith, the vocal coach for Usher and Bieber, who lectures Tamar about her bad singing habits. Meanwhile, Toni joins the girls to discuss Evelyn’s wedding. They share mixed feelings about it being rushed. Toni anoints herself coordinator then delegates responsibilities to her sisters. At Tamar’s next vocal session, Tamar admits to having low self-esteem. Jan gives her a pep talk to help her get ready for the show. The other girls meet with Doc and Evelyn about the wedding. It’s clear Evelyn and Doc have no idea what they want for their wedding. Later at dinner, Tamar shares her insecurities with her sisters. She asks them to join her at a show rehearsal. Trina agrees to go, but only out of guilt. At rehearsal, Tamar finds out she missed a dance rehearsal and panics. Trina assures her all will be fine. On the day of the show, Tamar gets upset when her sisters don’t make it to the dress rehearsal. When Tamar learns the girls are stuck in traffic, she panics. The sisters finally arrive and go through their presentation backstage but discover they’ve been moved to later in the show, since they were late. Tamar performs her song but afterwards feels like she didn’t do well. Later, when the sisters present, Tamar improvises her lines, so Trina doesn’t get to say her line. Over drinks, Tamar vents and Trina points out at least Tamar had a moment; she had nothing. The girls argue until Tamar shares that she also just found out Vince needs an MRI. The girls, reminded of what Tamar’s going through, put their feelings aside and cheer her up.

Feb. 23, 2012